Custom Molded Ear Plugs

Our custom Ear Plugs are the first step in effective hearing protection.

Hearing loss can result directly from an occupation, career path, a recreational activity or simply exposure to loud sounds or acoustic environments with excessive decibel levels.

Did You Know?

Listening to explosive sounds of 130dB or higher, such as firecrackers or gun fire can cause instant, permanent hearing loss!

Don't Neglect it! Protect it!


NRR-30 dB

Float able

Latex Free


Soft Silicone


Exact Fit


What do you need ear plugs for?



Do you work nights or sleep with someone who snores? Get a good night's rest with our custom sleep plugs.


Firefighters need protection from all the noise of the engines.

Law Enforcement

Range practice is necessary for police so they stay sharp and ready to protect.



Highest degree of protection and comfort. Great for all-day festivals.


Loud pipes? Keep your hearing protected from wind noise, loud pipes and more.

Water Sports

Keep your ears dry, Shower, swimming, surfing, water sking and more.



Working around power tools and machinery can be loud and hurt your hearing. Protect you and your crew.

Swim / Shower

Providing the highest level of seal against water.


Working around mowers, trimmers, edgers, weed wacker and equipment with high noise levels increases you risk of hearing loss.

How Much Noise Protection Can One Expect?

All tests were conducted in accordance with ANSI (1974 and 1984) and EPA – 1979 Standards performed by: Michael J. Metz, Ph.D – Audiology Associates Reviewed by: Garry G. Gordon, M.S. NRR (per EPA-1979) 29.8dB

Insta-Mold silicones continue to be recognized worldwide as the leader in proven “on the-spot” protection. Having registered certifications in Europe (CE), Australian/New Zealand (SLC80) and the United States (ANSI), we can service a number of regions under conforming regulatory rules.

Specialty Plugs



Pilot set up for use with headsets....more


Hunters must protect their hearing. Protect yours with a set of custom  hearing protection ....more



Custom specialty designed for divers....more


Noise on a track can be deafening. Protect your hearing from harm....more


Police & Security

Ear piece setups with button....more


Musicians can get a set of custom protection so they can hear their parts and protect from loud noises....more