Hearing Evaluation

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation with pure tone testing, bone conduction and an overview of your results.

Hearing Aid Consultation

If results show you need hearing aids, we have a wide variety of makes and models at a price point that works for you.

Hearing Aid Repairs

We work on all major brands, any model. if we can fix it, we will! Also loaners available.

Hearing Aid Programming

If you didn’t get your hearing aids with us? No problem, we can still help you program them to fit you perfectly.

Custom Ear Plugs

Our custom Ear Plugs are the first step in effective hearing protection. For aviation, diving, police & security, hunting, racing and musicians. More information listed below.

Tinnitus Relief

Can’t get rid of the ringing in your ears? Let us see if we can help. With modern hearing aids, you just might be surprised.